Our Professionals understand your application.  With years of diverse field and office experience, we’ll take your project to the next level.  Understanding the environment and regulatory requirements, we’ll design and plan a solution for your project using the latest technologies and provide meaningful deliverables.

At Aerial we:

  • Erosion/Deformation – detection and monitoring
  • Reclamation – Earth and Vegetation
  • Forestry – Tree counts, vegetation analysis, reclamation, logging, infestations, forest fire monitoring, hotspot detection
  • Sonar – Waterbody/Sump depths, Bathymetric Mapping, Tailings Ponds
  • Mining – Volumes, Imagery, Tailings Ponds
  • Landfill – Monitoring
  • Wetlands Management
  • Flooding
  • Water quality samples
  • Wildlife/Heard detection and tracking